Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kick out the jams

Well this seems to be what's happening in Manchester these days. Not so much kicking MC5 style, but literally kicking our jams out of town. I've been checking out the jam scene in Manchester for about 18 months now and it's health has been variable. I'd say we're going through a lean time right now.

The first jam I checked out when I moved back to Manchester from London (another story) was 'All that Jazz' at The Arch Bar run by a local DJ Lee Speed on a Tuesday night. It was pretty good back then but I'd have to say it's lost it's way recently. It did completely stop for a few weeks but has started again with the venue being under new management. Let's hope it's goes from strength to strength. Another good one back then was at the Po Na Na Souk bar also on a Tuesday run by a local guitar player called Daiwa (not sure how his name is spelt). This attracted more singers probably due to having a better PA system. Sadly that has now gone. Lee started up a really good one in January this year back at Po Na Na on a Thursday but this only lasted for 3 weeks despite good attendance. This was a real shame as the standard was really execellent. It seems that the venues are not keen to pay the extra for a PA and house band. A DJ is cheaper and easier sadly. Then there was the jam at the Iguana Bar in Chorlton that only lasted about a month. Tough times for us players.

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