Monday, January 12, 2009

Jazzwise 'Write Stuff' Winning Entry Announced

Blimey, where I've been? Neglecting this blog again it seems yes. Coming off the back of the ace London Jazz Festival and doing the Write Stuff jazz journo mentoring scheme, it feels like I've been ill ever since. Well so has everyone else in the UK it seems, so no sympathy deserved I know. Anyways, I think I'm more or less back on track and figured it's time to get this thing going again. Not easy, as I've not really been out and about that much due to aforementioned bug. I shall be endeavouring to in good time.

I can at least report that the best review winner of the 'Write Stuff' was announced earlier this year. Sadly for me, it's not me. However the very worthy winner is Howard Caine from Manx Radio. All us Write Stuffers reviewed the same Roy Hargrove gig during the festival and submitted it a few weeks later. It was then judged by Jazzwise magazine's editor Jon Newey and journalist Kevin LeGendre. I can't point you to the review as it's not online yet, but it is in this month's Jazzwise magazine (Feb 09). Nice one Howard.