Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rick Simpson Quartet - Manchester Jazz Festival 2012

Rick Simpson Quartet, Festival Pavilion, Thursday 19th July 2012

The London based Rick Simpson Quartet were playing music from their debut album, ‘Semi Wogan’ on Thursday afternoon. This lot were a very accomplished and engaging set of players. 'Semi-Wogan' was the track that initially caught my ear, being a nice groover with some neat contemporary style piano on top from pianist Rick.  I didn't catch the name of what was my favourite track, but it started with a very cool funky double bass riff from Tom Farmer, coming across with what has to be one of the finest amplified double bass sounds I've ever heard, the woodiness of his gorgeous tone making it through the sound system brilliantly. When drummer Jon Scott came in, the whole thing really lifted off the ground, these two really working together well. 

 There were some obligatory quirky numbers in the set, but for me they were at their best on the more contemporary flowing and reflective pieces. The fast swing of 'Chairman Meow' did however, give sax player George Crowley the chance to continuous-quaver his way through its winding sequence admirably. Top stuff. I hope to be catching the Rick Simpson Quartet again soon if I can.

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