Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun Fun Fun Till Her Daddy Takes the Locrian #2 Triads Away

Following the latest lesson with my guitar tutor and good mate, Mike Walker, I've being doing a lot of practice using the triads from the harmonised scale of locrian natural 2 and the altered scale. These are actually modes of the same scale, the melodic minor being the usual parent scale mentioned. I don't really know quite why, but I seemed befriend the locrian nat 2 scale before I quite knew what it really sounded like. It's quite an ambivalent mysterious one, apparently used by Debussy in 'La Mer' and on the soundtrack to Hitchcock's film, 'Rebecca'.

Anyways, it's been a great month or two, as I'm starting to see how you can improvise using chords and chord fragments. This used to seem like it was impossibly difficult, but I can see now how this is a great way in.

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