Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Podcast Yer Xmas

Inspired by guitarist Mike Outram's 'Electric Campfire' blogpost, '19 great books about music, musicians, artists and the creative process', I thought I'd share a couple of links to some great audio and video resources that I've been looking at recently:

There's the Georgia State University 'History of Jazz' podcast available via ITunes U. It's best to search for 'history of jazz' in ITunes for that one, but you can go to the RSS feed directly. I've listened to a few of these now and they're a great free resource.

There's also the Yale University 'Listening to Music' course that also available as a podcast via ITunes U or via the Yale website. It's a classical music course, so not a jazz thing, but very useful nonetheless.



Beach Concerts said...

I've listened to this podcast as well, as it's very informative. It gave me a lot of insight into the genius of John Coltrane. I feel fortunate that I'm going to see McCoy Tyner (Trane's pianist) for the first time this Friday! He's playing at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

Tom Medhurst said...

Hi Ade, I play in the Jazz duo "Idle Words" and we are offering Jazz Bloggers a copy of our press-kit/album in exchange for the possibility of a review their blog. If you are interested, please email me on: tom@idle-words.co.uk

Also we are offering a free MP3 download to you or your readers who join our mailing list (www.idle-words.co.uk/contact-us.shtml).

Many Thanks,


really enjoying your blog! i'm trying to find more manchester based ones and i stumbled across yours, and i'm glad that i did! am gonna get stuck in to all your old posts now too.

we've started a new night in manchester and a blog to go with it, its just meant to be a bit different from most nights out. would be great if you can check it out, feel free to pop along any time!!



Barry said...

Thanks very much for the links to these great resources, I'll be whiling away a few happy hours listening to these...