Monday, October 08, 2007

Jamming the Whalley

The jam scene in Manchester continues it's ebb and flow with the appearance of a new one at The Carlton Club in Whalley Range on the last Tuesday of every month. I've not checked this one out myself yet but I'm aiming to as soon as possible. It's free for performers and £2 for listeners, boozers, scenesters etc. The Carlton Club is described as "a big comfortable Victorian mansion. It's a bit worn around the edges but has a cozy feel, two giant snooker tables and offers cheap drinks". Sounds really quite charming to me. I heard about this new jam from a recent NWJazzworks newsletter and initially assumed it was something to do with the Extraordinary Rendition Jazz nights, but they're every other Thursday so it doesn't look like they are. I'm not sure who's behind them.

I've also been meaning to get down to the Hedge folk nights also at the Carlton Club that Jon Thorne mentioned to me after one of his gigs. I notice he's playing there in his folk guise - looks promising. The Hedge nights have been off for the summer I think, but are back from October the 15th. I have to confess that I used to be a bit anti folk but I'm mellowing out these days as most folk do. I've spoken to a few people who've been to the Hedge night and have given really good reports. I believe also that it can sell out so it's probably worth getting down early or at least checking with them on that one.


Bob Jones said...

Hi - Like your stuff - The Carlton gig is organised by , among others, Bassist Dan Mitchell.It's not connected to the Extr. Rend. night. If you want any contacts get in touch or come to the Hillary Step on Upper Chorlton Road, near College Rd on Sunday nights, where I book the jazz duos. 9pm, free. I'm at All the best, Bob Jones.
PS Liz Fletcher a folk singer? surely not....

Ade said...

Hi Bob. Ta for the info! I'll try and get down the Hillary Steps soon. Liz Frazer was that or Liz Fletcher? I see it looks like I'm suggesting Liz is folk. Clearly not known as a folk singer of course but maybe some influences in there I would have thought. Cheers, Ade