Sunday, September 23, 2007


Having moved back to Manchester a few years ago now (I'm originally from Stockport), I couldn't help but be amused by references to 'leafy boho' Didsbury, as nice a place as it may be. A Cafe Rouge and Slug and Lettuce do not bohemia make. This for sure is not Hoxton or Prenzlauer Berg (no doubt London and Berlin scenesters will dispute the boho cred of these places too). Having said that, the opening of a fantastic new cafe, The Art of Tea, may nudge it a little more in that direction. As the cafe's MySpace says it "promises to put some much needed alt. back into the Didsbury scene!" - [everybody and everything now has a MySpace - apparently the cafe is male and 29 years old]. You can find this great new place at 47 Barlow Moor Road in Didsbury. The cafe offers "wholesome and hearty food, speciality drinks, wifi access, regular events, rotating art work, an awesome soundtrack and somewhere to pick up a classic novel".

This all began as sad story. We headed down to Zero Records a few weeks ago to pick up a second hand CD and maybe a novel from the The Village Book Store at the back of the record shop only the find the place closed, seemingly another victim of bittorrent mp3 file sharing and Amazon. On returning from holiday in Lakeland we drove past to see the Zero Records sign back outside the shop and the new Art of Tea frontage. One of things myself and friends have been moaning about for ages is the lack of a decent cafe and here it now is! The next day we duly patronised the establishment and I can recommend not only excellent tea, but great coffee and a fine cream cheese and sun dried tomato bagel. Even the side salad garnish excelled with rocket leaves and a decent balsamic salad dressing instead of the usual pointless ice berg lettuce . The decor is a sort of alternative granny style with small knitted doilys on the tables and 1950's standard issue retro sofas.

Not only this but The Art of Tea is hosting free Sunday afternoon 'Red Deer Tea Sessions' run by the The Red Deer Club. Local folk fave, Liz Green will playing there on Sunday the 7th of October at 3pm along with Aidan Smith & Sally Murray. Promises to be a good one, Liz being the winner of the Emerging Talent Competition at this years Glastonbury festival.


Jon Clements said...

What with music recommendations and now tea/bagel tips, you offer a full service for spirit and stomach, Mr Stevenson! About Zero Records, you'll be even more frustrated to hear that I spoke to a couple of guys who found the owners of the record shop dumping a load of unsold vinyl when the place shut down, and inherited the lot for NOTHING!

Ade said...

We aim to please Mr Clements! Glad to be appreciated by your good self.

That's a bit sad about the vinyl dumping. Would have thought at least a contribution to Oxfam would have been worthwhile. A mate of mine Pete (who writes is a big vinyl fan and mate of the Zero blokes so he'll be gutted to have missed out on that one. Zero is still going at the back of the tea shop but is much smaller now.

Jon said...

Well, I think that needs a visit. Shehnaz and I have become regulars in the various charity shops around Didsbury and, now, Oxfam Cheadle, where there's a great supply of vinyl. Have you got the equipment to turn vinyl digital?

Anonymous said...

yeah it was a load of billy idol and van halen lps you're welcome to it, and you saved me from getting an extra skip by clearing it for me so cheers.if i'd have given it to Oxfam they'd only have put them out for a tenner each, clueless clowns that they are, and i don't wanna fund their executive's new Mondeo anyway.
rob zero

Anonymous said...
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