Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Haç and a Curry

Things are so much easier these days. This afternoon I popped down The Haçienda night club for a quick groove followed by a curry at Al Faisals Tandoori cafe - all in the space of my working day lunch time. The Haçienda was in Second Life of course but the SL Al Faisals was nowhere to be found so I opted for the first life version in the hip MCR Northern Quarter. The Haç was empty so I had to twitter up friends - Art Fossett duly obliging. We checked out the new audio functionality in SL which worked pretty well. We couldn't find an SL 'es' dealer - probably no bad thing.

Al Faisals has been there as long as I can can remember. Very much a basic cafe but great cheap food and charmingly grumpy service. Highly recommended. Apologies for the name dropping but last time I was there Anthony H Wilson was in and a few months ago Mick Hucknall. I appreciate this may put some people off going. Sad to see Tony Wilson not looking too well these days. Check it out if you're nearby.

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