Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The World is Joel's Imagination

Like many people who like to refer to themselves as musicians, I have a day job. In my case this is working on Interweb stuff for the University of Manchester. I believe the bassist Pete Turner works here as well and I suspect there's a few others. It's not all that bad really. One of the work highlights of the year is our annual bash, IWMW 2007 (at which I gave a workshop 'Knowing Me Knowing YouTube'). I met photographer, artist and fellow interweb person Joel Porter there a few years ago. Somehow we usually don't manage to catch up between the event each year but thanks to Twitter I suspect we might this time. It was via Joel's Twitter that I found out about his upcoming exhibition at Cube entitled 'The World is My Imagination':

"Nine artists and collectives are exploring the miniscule as an artistic interface in video, networked and interactive installations, digital sound sculptures and photography, found objects and custom built environments."

Sounds suitably arty so, being the scenester I am, I'll doubtless attend at some point (opening night tickets Joel?). Joel has also developed an web application that tracks how many people have bluetooth enabled their mobile phones within his vicinity and represents this in real time as flying pigeons. He's a little surprised that Google aren't willing to fund extra development on this project. He's also GPS enabled his mobile phone so you can see exactly where he is. Rather him than me.

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